Buy wholesale confetti and bulk packs for resale or larger weddings

The great thing about shopping for wholesale confetti at is that we have a sliding price scale. This means that everyone can buy at trade prices without the need for a special log in! There’s no registration required, we don’t have ridiculous shipping costs and VAT is included so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll end up paying!

wholesale confetti pack
One of our wholesale confetti packs – 5 litres of small burgundy Rose petals mixed with ivory Delphinium petals

Wholesale confetti packs

We specialise in natural dried flower petal confetti. These are real flower petals that have been desiccated, prolonging their life and their great colours. Sometimes they are naturally fragrant too! Our wholesale confetti is 100% biodegradable, making it popular with wedding venues. Although each type of petal might weigh slightly different, we tend to class 5 litres (50 to 60 handfuls) or 500g and above as a wholesale or bulk pack size, up to a few Kilos or even a whole 10 Kg sack or more.

ivory confetti bulk
Ivory confetti – affordable Sweety petals in 10 litre bulk packs – each one weighs about 250g and pack sizes range from 5 litres to 10Kg

Our bulk confetti range

Here are some favourites when it comes to bulk confetti – read more about each type by clicking the picture below or visit our wholesale confetti product category.

wholesale confetti petals

Top row L-R

  • Small dark red rose petals
  • Ivory sweety petals
  • Marigold

Bottom row L-R

  • Lavender grains
  • Delphinium petals
  • Heather grains

Wholesale petal confetti mixes

We also sell bulk mixes such as our famous Cornflower Mix, or simpler combinations of the above items. Cornflower Mix was invented by us in the early 2000’s as an affordable throwing confetti, back in the days when the only colourful choice was Delphiniums which can be expensive. Our Cornflower Mix combines small rose petals with fragrant blue lavender and a sprinkle of vivid blue cornflower petals.

cornflower mix bulk confetti
Cornflower mix bulk confetti

If you’re on a budget then buying in bulk packs can make wedding confetti affordable

All these wholesale confetti packs can be repackaged, for example pop some into little glassine envelopes to hand to wedding guests, or display in a basket for flower girls and wedding guests. Or if you’re a retailer, simply add your own brand to sell on!

If you can’t see what you’re looking for in our wholesale pages, then do get in touch as we may be able to help!