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UK dry florist shop run by Mike & Ruth Ridley since 2003

Ruth says

"We are pleased to support British dried flower growers! Much of our stock, such as UK lavender grains, delphinium confetti petals, pressed flowers and some of our dried flower bunches are grown in the UK. Look out for the Union Jack heart.

Our list is growing year-on-year, with Billy Buttons currently a best seller.

Why not buy dry grasses such as UK Wheat which are increasingly popular for home decor."

Ruth also enjoys drying flowers at home as a hobby: see links in the left hand margin to read about drying methods for loose petals and bunches.

Dried lavender specialists

"We started by stocking dried lavender and kept on going! We found a French co-operative in Provence who supply us the cleanest scented natural lavender grains we've seen anywhere - just look at our product reviews! They sell us a few different varieties, plus bunches too.

I love sourcing new dried flowers, so do check out our New Stock department for a regularly updated list of new arrivals be it grasses, seed pods, UK pressed flowers from our own workshops, confetti petals, potpourri, or other natural botanicals."

Buy pressed flowers UK

We now produce a large proportion of these in-house. These are one hundred percent traceable, natural and sustainable, with no dyes or pesticides. You are likely to find varieties of pressed flowers not offered elsewhere, and a changing selection around the year. You can read more about these in our pressed flowers info page.

Buy dry plants for UK Home Decor and weddings

"Dried flowers are perfect for weddings, home decor and gifts because they are so long-lasting. Our bouquets will last so much longer than fresh ones, and can be kept as mementos for years to come. Our website is used by the general public and florists alike.

Why not experiment with hand-tied bouquets and arrangements for home decor? Simply mix and match three or more dried flower bunches at varying heights for the effect you want. For an eye-catching up-to-date look look choose bright dried flowers and dyed grasses such as lagurus in primary colours. Or mix and match pastels for something more restrained, adding natural grasses for informality.

For home decor, drop twenty grass stems in a narrow necked vase for a minimalist display.

For weddings, real dried flower petals make fab confetti - they are not only beautiful but also natural and biodegradable, and can be mixed to fit your colour scheme. Why not make lavender bag or potpourri wedding favours? Use a stem or two of your favourite bloom as a table setting. Decorate chair backs and make swags and floral garlands."


More information

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Top image credit - pink dried flower bunch - Thomas Skovsende for Prima magazine UK.