Biodegradable dried flower confetti in affordable bulk packs

Our UK shop has many years of experience in dried flower confetti and we realise that affordable bulk packs are needed for larger weddings. Dried flower confetti is biodegradable meaning that it is venue friendly, in fact we find it’s often the only type of wedding confetti suitable for a large proportion of marriage ceremonies these days.

Dried flower petals are natural and make beautiful natural confetti in a wide range of colours, whether mixed together or used singly. The blooms are harvested from real growing plants before being desiccated, often using the warmth from the sun to dry them.

affordable bulk confetti uk
Bulk confetti L-R: burgundy Rose petals, ivory Sweety petals and fragrant Lavender grains are all budget-friendly

Bulk dried flower confetti options

If you look online you can find some beautiful premium petals for sale by the litre for as much as £15 per litre. The only trouble is that one litre generally provides about 10 handfuls of confetti. So if you have 100 people coming to your wedding, you need 10 litres and you might end up spending £150 just on confetti! When I say premium, the blooms are generally Delphinium petals aka Larkspur, Hydrangea petals and freeze dried Rose petals. But don’t worry there are plenty of other options which are much more budget friendly.

We sell our bulk packs at wholesale prices to all and they can also be repackaged for re-sale.

Our affordable dried flower confetti suggestions include:

  • Air dried Rose petals
  • Sweety petals
  • Heather buds
  • naturally fragrant dried Lavender grains
  • Marigold

Rose petal dried flower confetti bulk

red rose dried flower confetti

These dried Rose petals are small at up to about 1cm across. Rose petals are traditionally associated with romance. Our dried petals are a natural dark red. We describe them as burgundy rose petals which invokes rich wine hues.

The great thing about these bulk confetti petals is that you can buy them hand-sorted by us in pack sizes up to 500g (about 50 handfuls – once you get into bulk pack sizes, it’s easier to deal in weights). These are better than a quarter the price of Delphinium petals!

Or if you really want to save money or have even bigger weddings to provide for, we sell unsorted packs of Rose petals from 1Kg to a few kilos right through to a whole 10Kg or 15Kg sack. Unsorted petals are even cheaper but do naturally contain more dust, leaves and the occasional stalk.

Affordable white and ivory confetti

sweety petals white dried flower confetti on a budget

These ivory confetti petals are actually small leaves from the Sweety tree which are then dried and bleached to shades of white, ivory and cream. They have many benefits!

  • Very inexpensive
  • Pale colour catches the light, so great for photography
  • Lightweight so flutters down slowly, making for the best confetti throwing shots

For comparison, premium Delphinium petals, which have similar pluses, are approx 5x that’s five times the price of Sweety petals for a bulk 5 litre pack! We have pack sizes up to a big 10Kg box.

If you wanted more variety in your petals, you can always use these inexpensive petals as a base and mix in other types such as red Rose, orange Marigold, Blue lavender, or add a premium touch by mixing in some of the more expensive flower petals.

Heather buds

heather dried flower confettiDried Heather grains are budget-friendly for large weddings, they throw like rice, and are popular for Scottish weddings. Heather is traditionally considered lucky and mixes well with other small buds like fragrant blue lavender.

Heather in bulk packs is great value for money and works out only slightly more expensive per handful than the Rose petals above. Larger pack sizes run from 500g to 5 Kilos.





Fragrant Lavender grains in bulk packs

fragrant lavender grains bulk

We import many tonnes of Lavender from France every year, including a pale blue variety with a beautiful soft fragrance. This naturally scented wedding confetti combines well with Heather as the buds are similar sizes, and it also throws like rice. It’s a similar price too so won’t break the bank.

As for all these petal choices, we have bulk packs at wholesale prices available to all. As we’re a major importer of French lavender, pack sizes are as large as you want: 500g to a large 10Kg lavender sack or even multiple sacks!



Bulk Marigold confetti

marigold petals bulk

This orange dried flower confetti is available in bulk packs to liven up your colour scheme. These budget petals will add zing to your day! We recommend they are added to mixes rather than used alone as they have a tendency to clump together.

Marigold petals are a similar price to Rose petals and again come in bulk packs of 500g to a 10Kg sack.





So to conclude

To save money on your dried flower confetti, buy in bulk packs according to your colour scheme and the size of your event.

  • For romance choose small dark red Rose petals
  • For great photos choose ivory Sweety petals
  • Choose Lavender grains for natural fragrance
  • For Scottish weddings or a pink colour scheme choose Heather
  • Add a pop of colour with Marigold

And if you still want that premium feel, why not add a sprinkle of more expensive petals to complete the look?