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natural wedding confetti petalsWe sell natural wedding confetti made from all sorts of pretty petals, or choose from our most popular hand mixed combinations. Here is some inspiration for your wedding day!


All these petals are natural and biodegradable which means they’re popular with venues.


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Dry wedding confetti inspiration

natural confetti petals cornflower mix

  • In the pic above you can see tiny peach rose buds – add a sprinkle to confetti for a touch of romance or use as a table decoration. Also seasonally available in red or ivory.
  • Next to that is our popular Cornflower Mix which is a combination of dried rose petals, lavender grains and cornflower petals. These confetti petals are hand-mixed to order in our workshop, and as one of the ingredients is lavender, the mix even smells great!
  • The final image is pale pink rose petals – we have a seasonal selection of rose petals in shades of ivory, pink, reds and purple.

buy dried flower confetti uk

Top row:

  • Small burgundy red rose petals are inexpensive and available in bulk for large weddings.
  • UK delphinium petals in shades of pink and ivory for a delicate look.
  • Marigold petals – mix these in with other petals to add an extra touch of colour. Not recommended for use unmixed as they tend to clump!

Bottom row:

  • Our popular Cornflower Mix in a glassine glassine bag. These little paper bags are perfect for a single handful of confetti or buy them ready-filled.
  • Air dried rose petals are a little more wrinkly than freeze-dried but far less expensive.
  • Pretty Petal confetti is a mix of UK Delphinium petals with a sprinkling of UK Hydrangea florets.

Specialising in dried flower petal confetti

UK delphiniums

natural delphinium petal confetti

The above pic shows mixed UK-grown delphiniums in pretty shades of pink, blue and ivory. It’s great to be able to offer such a wide range of natural flower petal colours and types. Delphinium petals are also sometimes called Larkspur.

British confetti – delphinium petals in mixed colours make a sophisticated and natural wedding confetti. They float down slowly so make it easy to get that perfect wedding confetti shot, and the paler colours really catch the light.

Add blooms to a mix

Below are some more dry petals that make beautiful additions to confetti.

buy wedding confetti

  • Sweety petals in a glassine bag. These real ivory and cream petals can be bought in bulk for larger events.
  • Pink rosebuds: add one or two to your confetti but not too many, or use as a venue table decoration.
  • Blue cornflower petals add vibrancy to your colour scheme and they add the zing to our Cornflower Mix!

Other mixes might include:

Dried flower petals in single colours

Natural wedding confetti is such a large choice, you have options of buying in single colours, making your own mixes or buying ready made Confetti mixes. For single colours try:

  • rose petals
  • natural delphinium petals
  • hydrangeas, and sometimes bougainvillea petals to name just a few. ​




For tips on how much natural wedding confetti to buy see our Floral FAQs.


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