Real dried flower petal confetti

delphinium petal confetti ukOur dried flower confetti is made from real petals that have been naturally air dried. They often keep their colour on drying and come in a spectrum of shades – scroll down for some ideas.

Many types are grown in the UK too.


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Real confetti petals are popular with venues

Wedding reception and marriage venues much prefer natural flower petals to options such as tissue paper because they don’t have to clear up afterwards!

Many wedding venues now insist on fully biodegradable confetti like these as they will naturally melt away after a few days.

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Colourful confetti

In the pics are: UK delphinium petal confetti which comes in shades of ivory, pale pink, dark pink, light blue and dark blue.

Our exclusive natural Cornflower Mix which we make to order in-house from gently fragrant lavender flowers, small dark red rose petals, royal blue cornflower petals and pale pink confetti petals. A jewel-coloured mix.

Small dark red / burgundy rose petals are great for large weddings where cost is more important. In fact much of our confetti is available in a choice of retail and wholesale options to all.

Dried lavender wedding confetti – this natural lavender has a soft pale blue colour and gentle fragrance.

Confetti petals colour choice

wedding confetti ivory colour

Here is a list of some of the most popular flower petals for confetti by colour:

  • Red – dried rose petals
  • Orange and Yellow – marigold petals
  • Green – hydrangea
  • Blue – hydrangea, lavender, delphinium, cornflower
  • Purple – hydrangea, rose, heather
  • Pink – rose, heather, delphinium
  • White and Ivory inexpensive sweety petals – see pic, or delphinium, rose



Wedding confetti in primary colours

confetti petals primary colours

Dried burgundy red rose petals / Yellow or orange marigold petals / Royal blue cornflower petals

Pink flower petals

confetti petals pink purple

Pink or purple heather grains / Dark pink delphinium petals UK / Light pink delphinium petals UK

Blue wedding confetti

wedding confetti blue

Natural blue dried lavender / Pale blue delphinium petals UK / Dark blue delphinium petals UK


The pics above are just a selection and the choice can vary throughout the year.


Of course you can get great colour combos by mixing the petals up!


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