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We have been in the dried lavender bunch trade for many years and can supply English or French varieties in a choice of shades. Every bunch has a mild lavender scent but please note it will not be enough to fragrance a room! You can always add lavender essential oil if wished.

Lavender for weddings

In these images you can see our lavender stems styled by Sonia Collett for the wedding blog wantthatwedding.co.uk but of course it has many other craft and floristry applications!

In the suitcase are our dark blue lavender stems either side of one bunch of pale blue lavender at the back in the middle. The confetti is our exclusive Cornflower Mix.

In the smaller pics:

  • Straight pale blue stems of Provencal lavender with ring
  • Dark blue dried lavender flower bunch with brooch
  • The same dark blue bunch with bride

buy dried lavender bunch pale blue

Pale blue dried lavender bunch

Our pale blue dried lavender bunches are imported by us from a small co-operative of growers in Provence France. We sell thousands of these every year and can supply anything from a single bunch to a full wholesale box of fifty.

This bunch is the lowest price and contains up to about 150 straight stems around 40cm long. The straight stems make them perfect for lavender sheaves, table settings, or a mini bunch for using in projects such as wreath-making.



dried lavender bunch mid blueMid blue lavender stems

These mid blue flowers are English lavender stems sourced from a UK grower. Traditional English lavender is the species Lavandula angustifolia which has been grown in Britain for centuries albeit in smaller quantities than France.

The bunch is about the same length as the one above and less straight, with thinner stems, but a great colour!

Having curvier stems is actually a bonus in flower arranging as it aids informality in bouquets.



lavender bunch blue boxBuy lavender bunch dark blue

These dark blue flowers are a pretty shade of indigo. We have historically imported these stems from Provence in quantity, although they are becoming harder to get hold of due to deteriorating growing conditions in the mountain areas where they used to thrive.
Check website for current availability.

The bunch is similar to English lavender above, being also a variety of Lavandula angustifolia. There are many thin stems in the short bunch which is about 30cm long. We recommend these flowers for use in mixed bouquets as they have a more relaxed informal form than the pale ones.

Buy dried lavender wholesale or retail bunch

As you can see in the pic above, we can sell all our lavender range in bulk quantities for trade as well as in small amounts for retail. Our wholesale range is available to all with no special log-in needed.  We also sell thousands of kilos of wholesale lavender grains every year. Prices are shown including VAT and with no inflated delivery fees.


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