Our dried flower bunch range by colour

Dry flower bunch colour guide

There are so many dried flower stems to choose from that it’s worth filtering them by colour!

Our bunch selection includes dyed and natural dry plant material including natural blooms in a rainbow of colours, natural brown or green seed pods, grasses, foliage and leaves such as palms.

Seed heads and dried grasses in natural colours add a sense of calm to a living space for home decor.

Grass stems also lend themselves well to the dying process and are available in a vibrant selection of colours.

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buy red dried flowers roses

    Buy Red dried flowers





    buy orange dry flowers

    Our Orange blooms









    buy yellow bunchBuy Yellow dried blooms






    buy green stemsOur Greens and foliage



    blue lavender bunchBuy Blue flower bunch








    purple statice dried flower bunchOur Purple dry florals






    pink dried flowers rhodantheBuy Pink dry bunch





    white daisy stems dryOur White blooms

    • White acroclinium
    • Rhodanthus
    • Clover flowers
    • Dyed lagurus
    • Rose bunch
    • Limonium
    • Statice bunch
    • Ammobium
    • Achillea
    • Bleached items
    • Delphinium
    • Cotton pods
    • Helichrysum



    brown seed heads ammiBuy Brown dry stems




    black dried grass stemsBuy Black Grey or Silver







    The meaning of colour in a dried flower bunch

    Colour can have a psychological effect which shouldn’t be overlooked!
    Red blooms – urgency, love, passion

    Orange flora – warmth and energy

    Yellow stems- friendship, energy, the warmth of sunshine

    Green branches such as foliage – growth and renewal – think spring, nature

    Blue – calm, icy, head in the clouds, dreamy

    Purple – success – think royal purple

    Pink – soft and feminine, love and happiness

    White – purity and innocence, sympathy – white in home decor is associated with space and cleanliness

    Brown stems for example seed heads or grasses – strength, stability, determination, good luck – in home decor it implies simplicity, space and minimalist design

    Black such as coloured Lagurus – power and mystery – the dark arts perhaps

    Grey – power – think 80s airbrush art

    Silver e.g. Lunaria – reflection and maturity


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