Buy dried Billy buttons – natural Craspedia bunch

Billy buttons stems for floristry

billy buttons craspedia bunch driedThese yellow dried Billy buttons have bobble flowers and are also called Billy balls, Billy bobs or Craspedia.

Each round natural dry bloom is held on a straight upright stem. They are popular for home decor and with UK florists for bouquets and arrangements. They add a pop of colour to natural bouquet styles and are popular for weddings, the bloom size being perfect for buttonholes too. Yellow Billy buttons can also be used in flower crowns, wreaths and hoops with the stem cut down as needed.

Each stem is unbranched and holds one large sunshine yellow flower ball which is up to about 3cm across.

A bunch often contains ten stems of yellow Billy buttons. These are air dried, and natural colour – not dyed. Having said that, they co-ordinate well with vibrant dyed grasses for a rainbow bouquet.

Dried Craspedia for home decor

dried billy buttons country livingIn this image you can see our dry Craspedia stems on the front page of Country Living magazine. 

Craspedia stems add a modern touch for home decor – just place a bunch of ten or more stems in a tall, narrow-necked vase.










Buy dry Billy buttons stems

Seasonally available:

Pack of twenty Craspedia stems – we’re a bulk buyer of these yellow blooms and often have the best price in the UK.


Pack of ten seconds Billy buttons stems – more than 50% off while stocks last! Slightly damaged blooms. These are a good way to keep down the price of bulk arrangements such as venue decoration or when they’ll be seen at a distance.


Craspedia bouquets make a lovely gift. Wrap in a kraft or cellophane sleeve and tie with raffia – these cheery yellow blooms are guaranteed to bring a smile!


Please note we don’t sell these or any of our bunch range for food use.


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