Umbels dried flower bunch bleached

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Umbels dried flower bunch for flower arranging - bleached to an ivory or cream colour. These flowers are actually Fennel seed heads, which is structurally very similar to cow parsley, and there are very roughly ten stems about 60cm long, making a substantial bunch. This dried flower bunch was dried and then bleached, removing all the colour from the flowers and stems, leaving them a light cream or ivory colour. The flowers are slightly flattened as shown in the close up. 

A note about bleached items: Bleaching is a chemical process and may leave a residual chemical smell which some people find unappealing. Most people are not aware of a smell and we find that any remaining scent often disperses after a few days out of the packaging. If you think you might be sensitive to the fragrance of bleached items, we recommend sticking to our wide range of natural dried flowers and natural grasses.

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