Handmade Christmas potpourri OFFER!

Handmade Christmas potpourri OFFER!

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Handmade Christmas potpourri with cinnamon and orange fragrance. A chunky mix of mandarin orange slices and broken pieces of cinnamon stick mixed with cinnamon and orange fragrance oils and Christmas spices including cloves and star anise. Handmade by us. 100g is enough for one small bowl. 500g is enough for a few small bowls or a big impact! We recommend this product is used within 3 months of purchase.
Up to 50% extra free! Smaller pack sizes only (see drop down menu). While stocks last.

This potpourri can be refreshed using our own Cinnamon Orange fragrance oil

If you're looking for potpourri to make scented bags - try our new Handmade Christmas potpourri with smaller pieces

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