Yellow rose buds dry Seconds

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Small yellow rose buds, seconds quality*, air dried, excellent for weddings, pot pourri making or decorations. These rose buds are tightly closed in a shade of golden yellow. These dried rose buds come in various pack sizes. Rough guide to quantity: about 150 buds per 50g. Buy a 100g pack and we will give you another 50g extra free. The buds are approx 1 to 2 cm long and most are less than 1cm across. 

Dried rose buds naturally have very little fragrance. If you would like to scent your rose buds we recommend a drop or two of Just Rose fragrance oil which gives a good long lasting high quality rose scent. If you are looking for an aromatherapy rose fragrance, the rose essential oil is better, but you will need to refresh it frequently.

*Seconds quality reduced to clear while stocks last. There are some brown buds and petals and dust but this is reflected in the price. The photos are of the current batch.

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Just Rose fragrance oil 30ml Just Rose fragrance oil 30ml
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Rose essential oil dilute Rose essential oil dilute
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