Hydrangea petals freeze dried - litre

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Hydrangea petals for use as a beautiful premium confetti or table confetti. Delicate pastel confetti petals in natural mixed shades of blue, green, duck egg, mint, lavender and ivory. The 1 litre size (2 pints, about 10 handfuls) is supplied in a clear plastic box as per image. These freeze dried hydrangea petals can also be sprinkled on bulk wedding confetti to add a touch of class.

Size guide: Each petal is approx 1cm across. The natural dried flower petals are often joined in fours to make a floret, which can be approx 2-5cm across. A 1 litre box is 10x10x10 cm and contians enough natural hydrangea petals to sprinkle over 2 tables.

Larger pack sizes of freeze dried hydrangea petals are available seasonally. 

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