Wholesale Christmas

Wholesale Christmas

Buy wholesale Christmas decorations

Specialising in wholesale natural Christmas decorations such as cinnamon sticks and handmade potpourri. Make natural Christmas decorations wholesale using our Christmas dried fruit and spices. Please note prices shown include VAT.

buy natural christmas decorations wholesale

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Aniseed whole spice for potpourri Organic bulk Offer!

Product no.: 300192

from £15.99 *
RRP £19.99

Dried orange triangles for craft wholesale Offer

Product no.: 999381

from £11.19 *
RRP £13.99

Blackboard heart pick write your own message - bulk offer

Product no.: 99668

from £2.99 *
RRP £3.99

Natural jute bag heart design empty wholesale 100 pack

Product no.: 99717

£79.99 *
In stock

Dried orange peel pieces wholesale

Product no.: 99753

from £7.99 *

Natural cedar rose pick wholesale 10 bunches

Product no.: 99762

£27.99 *
In stock

Cinnamon pieces wholesale 20% Off!

Product no.: 99835

from £15.99 *
RRP £19.99

Cedar roses bulk wholesale

Product no.: 330

from £9.99 *

Orange slice bulk packs for craft and potpourri

Product no.: 498

from £17.99 *
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