Buy dried rose buds - selection

Buy dried rose buds - selection

Shop for natural dried rose buds

Our dried rose buds are really popular, and we have many pack sizes to choose from - 50g to a full 10Kg box. These are natural dried rosebud. The buds are naturally air dried without the use of chemicals.

Here is the link to our new dried rose bud category.

Here are some of our most popular dried rose buds by colour:

  1. Buy dried rose buds pale pink which are also available with added fragrance. These 1-2cm buds are often used as wedding decorations or in potpourri making and craft.
  2. Tiny ivory rosebuds - these little rose buds are only 1cm across or less, so small you could use them as wedding confetti!
  3. Tiny bright red rosebuds - also up to 1cm across, these dried rose buds are pictured below.
  4. Peach rosebuds - 1 to 2cm across.

buy dried rose buds red

But this is not the full range of dried rose buds - try dark red rosebuds, dark red tiny, buy dried rose buds baby pink , 2cm cream, mid pink, and dark pink buds.

There is also sometimes cheaper seconds natural dried rosebuds in burgundy colour, which may be useful for potpourri making or when the visual effect is not paramount. (Available seasonally).


Buy dried rose buds potpourri

Rose buds don't have a strong natural scent once dried, although there is often a subtle sweetness.

We sell fragranced pink rosebuds (listed above) which make a simple but pretty potpourri.
The burgundy rose petals and buds have a subtle natural rose fragrance.

We also sell mixed lavender and rose buds for use as natural potpourri.


Buy dried rosebuds wedding confetti

Some of our tiny rosebuds are small enough to include in wedding confetti. We only use the buds which are less than 1cm for this, so as not to cause bridal headaches ;)

This is our most popular dried flower confetti containing dried rose buds:

Dried lavender confetti with ivory rosebuds

buy natural dried rosebud confetti

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