UK dried flowers for craft and floristry

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uk dried flowers shopUK showcase – Daisyshop supports UK growers. We have a wide selection of British dried flowers: stems, petals and bunches such as dried lavender and home fragrance.

Everything in this department is British grown, preserved or made in the UK – look out for the Union Jack heart! Some of the bouquets and most of the pressed flowers are made in our own Sussex workshop – the best choice of these is May – October.

The British supply for dry florals is developing but currently demand is outstripping supply, meaning that often retailers have to import from Europe and beyond. We hope the choice of home grown blooms will grow substantially over the next few years. In the meantime check out our full range of dry plant stems.

Also check out our Home Fragrance department – Hassett Green fragrance oils are made in Britain. Nutscene twines too.

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UK dried flower bunch range

british dried flowers bunch

We have two types of British dried flowers – those that are dried by the growers themselves – this is the main part of our range and includes English lavender, wheat stems, oats and barley as well as flowers like helichrysum, delphinium stems and hydrangea heads. The second type is flowers and foliage that we source fresh from the farm and dry ourselves in-house. These currently include pussy willow, gypsophila and eucalyptus leaves.

In the images left are:

  • English lavender
  • Large poppy seed heads
  • Real pussy willow stems
  • Helichrysum flowers

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British dried flower confetti petals

delphinium petal confetti ukReal flower petal confetti is popular with wedding venues because it is biodegradable so doesn’t leave a mess. The colour range of dried flower petals is very broad so there’s plenty of choice.

All our delphinium petal confetti is grown in the UK and is available in single colours and mixes. It’s so light that it flutters slowly to the ground making for great wedding pics!

We mix our own combinations of confetti in-house, such as our often-copied Cornflower Mix.

Small glassine bags are an eco-friendly way of providing individual packs of confetti, and these are sustainably manufactured in the UK too.

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Pressed flowers from our own workshop

pressing uk violasWe press homegrown blooms such as violas, forget-me-nots, cherry blossom, lobelia and more.

The great thing about pressing our own is that we can chop and change our range and try new things. It also gets us out in the garden!

Read more about growing our own pressed flowers

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Home fragrance oils made in UK

home fragrance oil ukWe love Hassett Green home fragrance oils which are manufactured in the UK. A particular favourite is Just Rose fragrance oil which has an excellent natural clear rose fragrance for adding scent to dried rose buds.

We also use their range to fragrance orange or cinnamon scented Christmas items.

We also make our own botanical potpourri in-house and buy British hops for sleep pillows.

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UK Nutscene twines for floristry and craft

nutscene twine ukNutscene twines are naturaland come in a great range of colours including some fun brights.

We love using these for bouquets and other floristry projects, and we stock a range of their coloured raffias too.

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