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dried lavender
Dried lavender & lavender products
Great prices on fragrant loose dried lavender - bags - bunches - oil - Organic - UK lavender - Culinary (cooking / edible) lavender - bags, sachets & wreaths.
Many ideas for a lavender themed wedding.
dried flowers rose buds wedding
Rose & wedding
Wedding dried flowers
Rose petals - Rose bud OFFERS - Natural petal confetti - Delphinium petals - Hydrangea petals - Bougainvillea petals
Wedding packaging, decs, baskets & favours
Rose home fragrance
pink dried flower bunch
Dried flower bunches
Dry flower bunches in delphinium, hydrangea heads, grasses such as wheat, oats and phalaris, and various other dried flowers. Mostly UK-grown.
See also our new hand-tied dry flower bouquets dept.
lavender wheat dry flower bouquet
Hand-tied dried flower bouquets
Have a look at our exciting new range of dried flower bouquets for sale. These bunches are handmade in our own workshop. Mixed bouquets with dried lavender, wheat, delphiniums and single varieties with a choice of ribbon.
Perfect for wedding bouquets!
chamomile tea
Culinary dry flowers
A selection of natural dry flowers and petals and herbs suitable for food use such as tea making. Floral teas can have many health benefits.
potpourri ingredients
Potpourri ingredients
Dried flowers & seasonal petals, fruit & spices for craft.
See also our Dried Lavender & Dried Rose depts, & Dried Flower Bunches dept.
mixed pressed dried flowers
Pressed flowers
A wide selection of UK pressed flowers for sale at only 99p a pack. These dried flowers have been preserved in England by a small scale British grower.
Display your pressed flower project in a frame.
Christmas range
Christmas crafts - pine cones, cinnamon sticks, orange slices, spices, rose hips.
Gifts & decs - Christmas home fragrance.
Wreath making and more.
NEW for 2014 Christmas picks and bouquet making.
british confetti petals in new paper bag
Lots of new stock for 2014 featuring more hand-tied dry flower bouquets.
potpourri and home fragrance
Home fragrance
Claremont & May Made in the UK - potpourri - oils - diffusers - sprays - scented balls - sachets - candles - OFFERS!

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