Dried grasses

Dried grasses

Buy dried grasses for home decor and floristry. Dried grass stems add an informal element to dried flower arrangements. Dried grass bunches come in a range of colours, sizes and textures, natural, bleached or dyed. Cereals such as wheat, oats and barley are a popular addition to informal arrangements. Pampas grass and miscanthus make great statement pieces for home decor. Or add a pop of colour with dyed lagurus.

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Dried oats bunch large

Product no.: 614

£5.99 *

Miscanthus grass bunch dried natural 10 stems 55cm

Product no.: 000319

£7.99 *
RRP £9.99
In stock

Dried phalaris bunch ivory

Product no.: 000078

£13.99 *
In stock

Dried panic grass bunch natural

Product no.: 000086

£6.99 *
In stock

Dried lagurus bunch natural

Product no.: 694

£8.99 *

Oats bunch bleached ivory - Dried grass

Product no.: 99977

£9.99 *
In stock

Dried broom bloom bunch ivory

Product no.: 000321

£11.99 *
In stock

Bulrush cattail Typha grass ten stems dried

Product no.: 000329

£4.99 *
In stock

Lagurus dried grass bunch salmon pink

Product no.: 000337

£10.99 *

Lagurus dried grass bunch green

Product no.: 000340

£10.99 *

Lagurus dried grass bunch turquoise aqua blue

Product no.: 000341

£9.99 *
In stock
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