Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers

Yellow dried flower stems and bunches for floristry and home decor. Add yellow dried flowers to your arrangement or bouquet for a pop of colour. Natural yellow flowers include billy buttons / craspedia, achillea and helichrysum. Try adding a stem or two dyed yellow for an eyecatching display.

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Yellow roses dried flower bouquet

Product no.: 000905

£8.99 *
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New Achillea dried flower bunch small flowers

Product no.: 99965

from £8.99 *

Dried flower bunch yellow ageratum

Product no.: 99961

from £7.99 *

Golden cluster flowers bunch

Product no.: 99993

from £6.99 *

Helichrysum dried flower bunch yellow

Product no.: 99703

from £11.99 *

Helichrysum immortelle dried flower bunch

Product no.: 799

from £10.99 *

Lagurus dried grass bunch yellow

Product no.: 000342

£10.99 *

Little mixed roses dried flower bouquet

Product no.: 000906

£6.99 *
In stock

Mimosa bouquet - yellow dried flowers

Product no.: 800235

£18.99 *
In stock
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