Dried rose buds

Dried rose buds

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Our dried rose buds come in a selection of pinks, reds and ivory & various pack sizes. Special offers on selected 100g packs!

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Dried rose flower bunch dark red

Product no.: 707

from £11.99 *

Random rose confetti - litre

Product no.: 882

£6.99 *

Pink rose buds dry

Product no.: 300157

from £4.99 *

Pink rose buds fragranced

Product no.: 221

from £5.49 *

Sola rose decorations salmon pink

Product no.: 99789

from £1.29 *

Yellow roses dried flower bouquet

Product no.: 000905

£8.99 *
In stock

Little mixed roses dried flower bouquet

Product no.: 000906

£6.99 *
In stock
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