Lavender fragrance range

Lavender fragrance range

Lavender home fragrance

Buy Lavender home fragrance - a classic floral fragrance available in fragrance oil, tealights, potpourri and more, with many items made in the UK. In particular, the potpourri is made in our own workshop. Lavender is a clean fragrance associated with relaxation.

lilac and lavender home fragrance

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Lilac and Lavender scented wooden balls gift pack

Product no.: 000331

£7.99 *
In stock

Lavender cushion 15cm embroidered

Product no.: 242

£6.99 *

Sensual Sensuelle home fragrance oil 30ml

Product no.: 99778

£3.99 *
In stock

Lavender essential oil 10ml

Product no.: 010301

from £2.39 *
RRP £2.75

Chunky Lavender potpourri cellopack

Product no.: 020101

£3.99 *
In stock

Lilac and Lavender 24 wooden balls

Product no.: 000102

£9.49 *

Lilac and Lavender 8 wooden balls

Product no.: 020104

£3.49 *

Lilac and Lavender fragrance oil 30ml

Product no.: 020102

£3.99 *
In stock

Dried lavender potpourri natural

Product no.: 719

from £3.99 *

Paper lavender sachet

Product no.: 212

from £0.99 *

Lavender Vanilla home fragrance oil 30ml

Product no.: 99782

£3.99 *
In stock

Just Lavender fragrance oil 30ml

Product no.: 000202

£3.99 *
In stock
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