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Dried hydrangea flower head large green reduced

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Dried hydrangea flowers seconds quality reduced*. These large green heads of dried flowers add texture to a still life display or textural arrangement. These hydrangea flower heads have been naturally air dried and are in soft natural green with occasionaly hints of purple and some brown petals, not dyed. There might be variation in size and shade from those shown in the images and are randomly supplied. These dried flowers are priced per stem.

Rough size guide:
These natural hydrangeas vary in size but are usually about 12cm or more across the top. Stem length up to 50cm.

*Seconds Quality because they may be flattened on one side and contain brown petals. We tried to show this in the images, but this is how they arrived from the supplier. If using in a mixed display, the flowers can often be turned to hide the flat side. A flower head in this size in perfect condition would normally sell for about £10. We were selling the better seconds ones for £4.99 - these remaining ones are £1 off but may be more squashed (we do look at every stem to see if we think it's worth the money before sending it).

See also similar blue green purple hydrangea flower head as available.

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