British dried flowers showcase

British dried flowers showcase

UK dried flowers showcase - Daisyshop supports UK growers - a wide selection of flowers, petals and bunches such as dried lavender and potpourri.

Everything in this department is British grown, preserved or made in the UK - look out for the Union Jack heart! Some of the bouquets and most of the pressed flowers are made in our own Sussex workshop - best choice of these is May - October.

The British supply for dry florals is developing but currently demand is outstripping supply, meaning that often retailers have to import from Europe and beyond. We hope the choice of home grown blooms will grow substantially over the next few years. In the meantime check out our full range of dry plant stems.

Also check out our
Home Fragrance department - many products are made in Britain.

UK dried flowers - UK dried lavender

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Nigella pods bunch natural green UK

Product no.: 630

£10.99 *
In stock

Poppy large seed heads bunch 8 stems UK

Product no.: 796

from £7.99 *

Pussy willow stems dried - Salix bunch UK

Product no.: 99967

£9.99 *
In stock

Dried English lavender bunch

Product no.: 751

from £6.49 *

Dried kangaroo paw flower bunch burgundy UK

Product no.: 99686

£10.99 *
In stock

Dried hydrangea flower head red / purple UK

Product no.: 000014

£11.99 *
In stock

Dried lavender UK

Product no.: 448

from £2.49 *

Dry lavender and hops relaxing mix UK

Product no.: 228

from £3.49 *

Delphinium petal confetti premium quality UK

Product no.: 300129

from £11.99 *

Cornflower mix dried flower petal confetti

Product no.: 321071

from £0.99 *
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13 - 24 of 59 results