Dried flower bunches list

Dried flower bunches list

Buy dried flower bunches including many popular dry plants, stems and blooms plus more exotic varieties.

Choose from colourful florals such as Billy Buttons, structural dry grasses like Lagurus, and seed pods including Nigella, plus floristry fillers for arrangements such as Caspia.

Sometimes we prepare the plants and blooms in our own workshop in Sussex. Much of our stock is British - look for UK in the product name. We have a massive range so here are some optional filters to simplify your choice:

buy dried flower bunches

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Lagurus dried grass bunch teal

Product no.: 301102

£10.99 *
In stock

Dried foliage bunch - Buxifolia preserved 50% Off

Product no.: 000140

£7.49 *
RRP £14.99
In stock

New Lagurus dried grass bunch black 80 stems

Product no.: 000153

£10.99 *
In stock

New Phleum dried timothy grass bunch ivory

Product no.: 000162

£9.99 *
In stock

Lagurus dried grass bunch antique salmon 80 stems

Product no.: 000855

from £10.99 *

Pink lagurus bouquet - Hand tied bunny tail grass mix

Product no.: 000864

£8.99 *
In stock

New Lagurus dried grass bunch purple violet 80 stems

Product no.: 000602

£10.99 *
In stock

New Statice dumosa white dried flower bunch XL

Product no.: 000045

£12.99 *
In stock

New Poppy bunch dried stems, medium heads

Product no.: 000603

from £6.99 *

New Pampas grass bunch small pink 15 stems

Product no.: 000605

£11.99 *
In stock

New Dried Ageratum flowers purple bunch

Product no.: 000622

from £7.99 *

New Dried Linum Flax bunch with seed pods

Product no.: 000624

£6.99 *
In stock
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97 - 108 of 108 results