Protea flower Banksia red single stem

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Protea Banksia flower red on a single stem - a dried woody protea flower in red for home decor. The botanical name of these flowers is Banksia Hookeriana. The natural protea flowers are supplied as one stem. Each stem is about 25cm long or more and often slightly curved, and each flower is about 12 to 15 cm long on top of that, making about 40cm total. Cluster the stems in groups or mix with birch twigs for a natural arrangement for home decor. This is a real natural Banksia flower which has been carefully dyed dark to mid red (they are naturally a non-descript brown when dried), so may not be colourfast in humid conditions.

A note about dyed items: There may be a residual chemical smell which some people find unappealing. Most people are not aware of a smell and we find that any remaining scent often disperses after a few days out of the packaging. If you think you might be sensitive to the fragrance of dyed items, we recommend sticking to our wide range of natural dried flowers and branches.


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