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Hydrangea petals pale lilac colourUse for flower crowns or snip from the stem for unusual confetti. The colour is a pale pinkish lavender. These pretty petals are joined mostly in 4's to make delicate florets. Each floret of four petals is approx 3 cm across and are often attached in clusters to a stem which can be useful for flower crowns and wreaths or can be snipped off for confetti. Beautiful for weddings as table decorations / table confetti, or as a premium throwing confetti. Can be added in small quantities to bulk throwing confetti to add a touch of class.

The petals are supplied flat in a small bag which can be teased out for use. The image with the blue surround shows a white A4 piece of paper for scale. If making confetti, we think you should be able to get about eight handfuls depending on how selective you are - not every floret is complete and some are squashed. These naturally preserved petals are fully biodegradable. 

The petals are dyed and not colourfast if exposed to wet or humid conditions. Preserved flowers are real flowers that have been treated with a unique combination of natural ingredients that maintain their fresh touch and soft feel.

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