Bougainvillea petal confetti Cream Seconds - litre

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Bougainvillea petal confetti in ivory and cream colour, Seconds*. The pretty petals are 3 to 5cm long and papery thin. This natural dried flower confetti is 100% biodegradable and so perfect as throwing confetti when the wedding venue is strict about litter. Being large and very light, the petals float in the air, making for lovely wedding photos. This dried flower confetti  would also make very pretty table confetti.
Wedding confetti is traditionally sold by the litre, with one litre being enough for 10 to 12 small handfuls.

*Seconds quality. Reduced to clear. The petals are not such a pale ivory as we'd like. The colour is ivory to dark cream and parchment, which we have tried to show in these current photos.

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