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Small pink rose buds, air dried, with added rose fragrance, excellent for pot pourri and scented gifts. Wholesale packs. Rough guide to quantity: about 120 buds per 50g. Fragranced by us in-house using highly recommended Hassett Green Just Rose fragrance oil, which is a good, long lasting perfume. Bulk pack sizes of 500g plus. RRP £8 for 50g of buds.

Note - these rose buds are sold to us as pink, but we think they are more purple. Do please contact us for a sample if the exact colour is important.

If you would prefer to fragrance your rose buds with essential oil alone, please note this is not as strong a scent, and not as long lasting. Unfragranced rose buds in bulk packs, and essential oil can be purchased separately.


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Just Rose fragrance oil 30ml Just Rose fragrance oil 30ml
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