Orris root powder 20g for potpourri making

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Orris root powder 20g for fixing the fragrance of hand made potpourri. Orris root powder is used in traditional potpourri recipes, and is supplied as a finely ground powder. Add a teaspoonful of orris when making potpourri to make the fragrance last longer. Made from the ground root of Iris Florentina flowers, the powder has little or no natural fragrance in itself. The quantity is roughly 4 teaspoons. The image shows dripping essential oils onto ground orris root before adding the powder to dried botanicals. Read more about this process on the blog at driedflowercraft.co.uk. Not for food use.
Sourced, imported from Italy and packed by us at Daisy Gifts Ltd.

Suitable for use with Rose essential oil and Lavender essential oil

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