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Confetti petals from the sweety tree in India - discounted bulk Seconds box*. Cream in colour with a delicate skeleton tracery. This unusual wedding confetti is biodegradable and very lightweight, and throws like large delphinium petals but far less expensive. Each petal is up to 2.5cm (1") across. This box has capacity 76 litres and the petals are crammed in, so should fluff out to approx 100 litres once unpacked. The weight of the petals is just under 2.5 kilos. RRP £5 or more per litre.

This wholesale petal confetti contains some brown petals, dust and/or stems. These are easily removed and we believe the low price is well worth the effort. The dried petals were imported by Daisy Gifts Ltd.

*Seconds quality - these petals are a darker shade of cream than usual, so more petals may need to be discarded if planning to use as confetti. Photo is recent and is shown against white paper to try and demonstrate colour. Limited offer while stocks last. Half price - was £249.99 now £124.99.

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