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Dried Phleum bunch teal Seconds*. Also known as timothy grass, this grass is in a shade which could be described as dark teal or blue green. Great for floristry, country crafts and decorations, perfect to use as a filler in between contrasting items. The botanical name of this grass is Phleum pratense. The long straight heads are about 1cm across and are borne on straight unbranched stems. These dried grass bunches are just under 60cm long and about 3cm diameter at the waist, containing very roughly 80 stems. They are simply tied with elastic. This natural dried grass has been dyed and may not be colourfast in humid conditions. This colour was particularly difficult to photograph and the actual bunch may be slightly greener than shown in the images.

A note about dyed items: There may be a residual chemical smell which some people find unappealing. Most people are not aware of a smell and we find that any remaining scent often disperses after a few days out of the packaging. If you think you might be sensitive to the fragrance of dyed items, we recommend sticking to our wide range of natural dried flowers and natural grasses.

*Seconds quality - these bunches contain some damaged heads but we think they are still good value for money at £3 off original price. While stocks last.

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