Heather confetti with ivory rose buds - litre

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Heather confetti with little ivory rose buds, one litre packs. The tiny grains of heather (each only 1-2 mm across) throw like rice. The little ivory rose buds are only 1cm across and add a pretty touch. Being larger than the heather lavender, they naturally float to the top of the mix in confetti cones or baskets for a lovely effect. Throw at weddings as a 100% natural biodegradable confetti. Sourced, mixed and packed by us at Daisy Gifts Ltd ®. Not for food use.

One litre supplied in a biodegradable eco-cellophane bag, enough for 10 - 12 handfuls.
Also available in other packs sizes - see heather rose bud confetti petals - for comparison, 1litre is very roughly 110g.

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