Gypsophila dried flower bunch bleached wholesale


Gypsophila dried flower bunch bleached wholesale

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Gypsophila dried flower bunch for flower arranging - bleached to a soft cream colour, wholesale packs Gypsophilia is very popular as a filler in wedding bouquets, and can be used to make pretty bridal crowns and wreaths. This delicate flower is also known as Baby's Breath, and adds femininity to any bouquet. Please note the flowers themselves are particularly small: each tiny individual flower is less than 1mm across. Very roughly ten stems and about 60cm long. Pack size ten or twenty bunches. These bunches are often packed flat in transit. RRP £12 to £15 per bunch.

This dried gypsophila was dried and then bleached, removing all the colour from the flowers and stems, leaving them a dark cream colour - one of the images is shown against a white background for clarity.

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