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Dried hydrangea flowers - a bouquet of five heads. Seconds quality*. These heads of dried flowers in antique shades add texture to a still life display or floral arrangement. These hydrangea flower heads have been naturally air dried and are in antique shades of brown and green, so great for a natural or neutral colour scheme. They may occasionally have a hint of other colours such as burgundy or blue (not dyed). There might be natural variation in size and shade from those shown in the images. Images show one bunch, pack size is one bunch or three bunches, randomly supplied.

*Seconds quality. These flowers are mainly mid brown or green. The individual flowers are crinkled and individual heads may be flattened on one side as per photos. Would be OK to bulk out a larger arrangement or seen from a distance. RRP £11.99.

Rough size guide:
These natural hydrangeas vary in size but are usually about 8cm or more across the top of each individual head. Stem length is generally up to about 50cm.

As these blooms are held together in a bouquet, their backs may be slightly flattened. Each flower head may not be pristine but this dried hydrangea bunch offers particularly good value for money. For larger or more perfect flowers we recommend this more expensive single British hydrangea head available seasonally.

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