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Buy preserved foliage bunches of ruscus also known as butchers broom leaves. Each bunch consists of approx eight stems, about 55cm long. This is a bunch of real leaves on stems, not artificial. This preserved foliage is made by treating the fresh stems and leaves with glycerin, and a colourant, leaving them more supple than traditional drying methods. The dark green colour of the leaves makes the perfect foil for floral arrangements and dried flower bouquets.

May not be colourfast in damp conditions. These bunches are often packed flat in transit.

A note about dyed and preserved items: this is a chemical process and may leave a residual chemical smell which some people find unappealing. Most people are not aware of a smell and we find that any remaining scent often disperses after a few days out of the packaging. If you think you might be sensitive to the fragrance of treated items, we recommend sticking to our wide range of natural dried flowers and natural grasses.

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