Wholesale dry lavender

Wholesale dry lavender

Buy wholesale lavender

Buy wholesale dry lavender - loose lavender, lavender bags, bunches, fragrant dried lavender, wholesale lavender blue or organic lavender, and even our own lavender mixes with other dried flowers.

buy wholesale lavender

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Dried lavender bulk pack, fragrant

Product no.: 010380

from £11.99 *

Dried lavender bunch bulk pack

Product no.: 126

from £32.99 *

Dried lavender Organic bulk

Product no.: 130

from £16.99 *

Lavender bunch blue bulk pack

Product no.: 134

from £44.99 *

Dried lavender wedding confetti bulk

Product no.: 720

from £15.99 *

Dried lavender potpourri natural bulk

Product no.: 721

from £16.99 *

Lavender pouch, large cotton bulk pack filled

Product no.: 128

from £53.99 *

Lavender bag organza 10x12cm bulk pack filled

Product no.: 132

from £53.50 *

Dried lavender & chamomile soothing mix bulk

Product no.: 112

from £24.99 *

Lavender bag embroidered x20 filled

Product no.: 133

£37.99 *
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