Wholesale natural wedding confetti

Wholesale natural wedding confetti

Wholesale natural wedding confetti

Buy wholesale confetti

Our wholesale confetti is made from real dried flower petals - buy wholesale natural wedding confetti and wholesale confetti petals. Choose from delphinium petals, rose petals, lavender grains & pretty dried flower petal mixes.

buy wholesale confetti

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New Hydrangea petals freeze dried bulk packs

Product no.: 000122

from £62.99 *

Pure dried cornflower petals dark red wholesale

Product no.: 99675

from £27.99 *

Burgundy red rose petals wholesale seconds

Product no.: 99940

from £8.99 *

Indigo delphinium & purple rose 5 litre pack

Product no.: 000170

£46.99 *

Delphinium petals bulk pack

Product no.: 300132

from £46.99 *

Cornflower mix confetti petals wholesale packs

Product no.: 000108

from £29.99 *

New Heather grains bulk packs for confetti and craft

Product no.: 257

from £18.99 *

Heather grains bag wholesale pack of 20

Product no.: 259

from £7.99 *

Heather confetti with ivory rose buds bulk packs

Product no.: 608

from £22.99 *

Marigold petals dried bulk packs

Product no.: 701

from £17.99 *

Burgundy rose petals wholesale

Product no.: 300148

from £22.99 *
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