Dried rose petals

Dried rose petals

Buy dried rose petals

Our dried rose petals are great for use in craft or as natural rose petal confetti for weddings. Our dried rose petals come in many colours and pack sizes and are naturally air dried.

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Organic rose petal confetti pink - litre

Product no.: 000300

£8.99 *
In stock

Burgundy rose petals

Product no.: 300121

from £0.99 *

Burgundy red rose petals seconds dry

Product no.: 99941

from £1.99 *

Pale pink rose petals natural confetti

Product no.: 300149

from £0.99 *

Natural rose petal confetti cream Seconds - litre

Product no.: 300178

£4.99 *
RRP £7.99

Rose petal confetti mixed petals Seconds - litre

Product no.: 300183

£4.99 *
RRP £7.99

Red velvet rose petal confetti mix - litre

Product no.: 300184

£7.99 *
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