Premium confetti & table confetti

Premium confetti & table confetti

Premium confetti & table confetti

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Our premium confetti is best quality confetti, which has little or no dust and can stand up to close inspection on a pristine tablecloth as table confetti! (Can also be used for throwing). Premium confetti includes delphinium petals, hydrangea petals, dried rose buds and petals and some pretty confetti petal mixes.

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Ivory delphinium & hydrangea confetti - litre

Product no.: 246

from £11.99 *

Hydrangea petals duck egg pale blue

Product no.: 782

from £3.49 *

Hydrangea petals pale pink

Product no.: 617

from £3.49 *

Hydrangea petals lavender

Product no.: 418

from £3.49 *

Pink rose buds dry

Product no.: 300157

from £4.99 *

Delphinium petal confetti premium quality

Product no.: 300129

from £9.99 *
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