Lavender bags and sachets

Lavender bags and sachets

Buy dried lavender bags and sachets hand-filled to order in our own workshops. We have fabric bags in cotton muslin, organza, plain or embroidered.

We have a wide range of colours, sizes and pack sizes. Try larger bags suitable for use as sleep pillows, and paper sachets filled with highly fragrant dry lavender buds from Provence France.

buy dried lavender bags

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Lavender bag organza 10x12cm filled

Product no.: 321145

from £1.99 *

Lavender bag embroidered, filled

Product no.: 329869

from £2.99 *

Lavender bag, mini organza, filled

Product no.: 010206

from £0.99 *

Lavender pouch, large cotton, filled

Product no.: 1

from £1.99 *

Lavender and hop pillow UK

Product no.: 153

from £8.99 *

Paper lavender sachet

Product no.: 212

from £0.99 *

Lavender bag - cotton pouch - filled

Product no.: 010394

from £1.29 *

Small lavender bags organza 8 pack

Product no.: 000857

£5.99 *

Lavender bags organza 6 pack 10cm

Product no.: 000858

£8.99 *
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