Woody twigs branches proteas

Woody twigs branches proteas

Buy woody twigs, branches and protea stems for home decor and floristry. Wood stems add structure to dried flower arrangements. Twig sticks such as bundles of birch or bunches of pussy willow can add seasonality to a display. Dry cotton pod stems add drama, and natural proteas add an exotic touch.

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Cream dried exotics bouquet

Product no.: 860

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Pussy willow stems dried - Salix bunch UK

Product no.: 99967

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Birch twigs bundle natural

Product no.: 99959

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Cotton pods stem Gossypium bolls

Product no.: 99714

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Bulrush cattail Typha grass ten stems dried

Product no.: 000329

from £4.99 *

New Protea Susanna flowers natural multipack

Product no.: 000068

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Dried Teasels bunch natural Seconds UK

Product no.: 94

£5.49 *
RRP £6.99
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Natural cedar rose pick 9 pack

Product no.: 834

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Cut out felt heart pick *Sale

Product no.: 99957

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