Natural dried flowers

Natural dried flowers

Buy natural dry blooms for home decor, floristry and arrangements. Natural florals come in a wide range of colours, sizes and textures.

Traditional dry plants include natural helichrysum, statice, delphinium, clover, daisies, lavender, roses and hydrangea, or go for one of our more unusual choices such as burgundy Kangaroo Paw from our own UK workshops, mixed asters or eyecatching pink poker statice. These plants combine easily with natural grasses for an informal display or bouquet.

Filter by colour if you wish or browse the whole list.

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Dried hydrangea flower head red / purple UK

Product no.: 000014

£11.99 *
In stock

Achillea yarrow yellow dried bunch

Product no.: 919

from £9.99 *

Billy buttons dry flowers Craspedia bunch 10 stems Offer!

Product no.: 908

from £5.99 *
RRP £7.99

Blue dried lavender bunch bundle offer three pack

Product no.: 000125

£15.47 *
RRP £17.97

Pussy willow stems dried - Salix bunch UK

Product no.: 99967

£9.99 *
In stock

Clover flowers dried bunch orange

Product no.: 99722

£10.99 *
In stock

Clover flowers dried bunch pale pink

Product no.: 000345

£10.99 *
In stock

Clover flowers dried bunch red

Product no.: 000092

£10.99 *
In stock

Delphinium bunch dried dark blue - larkspur stems UK Seconds

Product no.: 805

£9.99 *
RRP £12.99
In stock

Delphinium larkspur bunch dried pink UK

Product no.: 471

£12.99 *
In stock

Dried bunch Acroclinium pink daisies

Product no.: 99919

from £8.99 *

Dried English lavender bunch

Product no.: 751

from £6.49 *
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1 - 12 of 42 results