Dried seed heads

Dried seed heads

Dried seed heads

Buy dried seed heads and seed pod bunches for home decor. Natural botanical stems add architectural elements to floristry. Seed heads suitable for this might include poppy, teasel, lunaria and nigella.

See also Dried grasses

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Cotton pods single stem

Product no.: 99714

from £3.49 *

Dried seed heads nigella orientalis

Product no.: 790

from £4.99 *

Ivory lace dried flower bunch

Product no.: 99699

from £11.99 *

Nigella pods bunch natural green

Product no.: 630

from £7.99 *

Poppy bunch dried, small heads

Product no.: 788

from £4.99 *

Poppy large seed heads bunch

Product no.: 796

from £5.99 *

New Bulrush cattail Typha grass ten stems dried

Product no.: 000329

from £4.99 *

Dried teasels bunch bleached

Product no.: 99698

from £7.99 *

Dried teasels bunch natural

Product no.: 94

from £4.99 *

New Dried broom bloom bunch ivory

Product no.: 000321

from £9.99 *

Dried broom bloom bunch turquoise blue

Product no.: 000012

from £5.99 *
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