Dried foliage

Dried foliage

Dried foliage

Buy dried foliage, leaves and greenery stems and bunches for home decor and floristry. Preserved foliage is an important element in dried flower arrangements. Foliage bunches can be broadly split into two groups - natural dried leaves and greenery stems which have been left somewhere dry to desiccate, and glycerine preserved foliage, which is more supple and often dyed during the preservation process, but more expensive. We usually stock some of each, so do check the item description if this is important for your project. We seasonally stock various dry eucalyptus including parvi and cinerea, preserved fagus, box, ruscus, palm leaves and sometimes ferns.

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New Dried foliage bunch - Eucalyptus long leaf seconds

Product no.: 000052

£7.99 *

Dried foliage bunch - preserved ruscus leaves ivory

Product no.: 000099

from £13.99 *

Palm spear gold stem handmade dried leaf - Sale!

Product no.: 99623

from £1.59 *
RRP £1.99

Preserved stachys foliage 10 leaves

Product no.: 99661

£2.79 *
In stock

Palm spear natural stem small handmade dried leaf

Product no.: 300166

from £1.79 *

Palm spear stem lime green handmade dried leaf

Product no.: 300168

from £1.99 *

Palm sun green dried leaf stem

Product no.: 300170

from £1.99 *

Preserved foliage bunch large - dyed green leaves

Product no.: 300185

from £13.99 *
RRP £19.99

New Preserved fern leaf

Product no.: 000350

from £2.99 *
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