Dried cottage garden bunches

Dried cottage garden bunches

Buy dried cottage garden bunches for floral arrangements. Cottage garden flowers make lovely informal wedding flowers. Rustic, boho and country styles all have a messy element perfect for cottage garden flowers. Many of this type of flower stem are perfect for drying - think roses, delphiniums, lavender, clover and various daisies intermingled with airy grasses. Traditional dried flower varieties like statice and helichrysum come in a variety of colours and fit in well with the cottage garden style. We also recommend sticking with natural flowers rather than bleached or dyed. We dry some of this type of flower in our own Sussex workshop. 

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New Dried Linum Flax bunch with seed pods

Product no.: 000624

£6.99 *
In stock

New Dried Ageratum flowers purple bunch

Product no.: 000622

from £7.99 *

Small white daisies - Dried Ammobium bunch UK

Product no.: 99697

£11.99 *
In stock

Dried hydrangea flower head red / purple UK

Product no.: 000014

£11.99 *
In stock

Clover flowers dried bunch red

Product no.: 000092

£10.99 *
In stock

Dried carrot seed heads bunch natural

Product no.: 000141

from £8.99 *

Dried hydrangea flower heads bouquet natural Seconds

Product no.: 000091

from £9.99 *
RRP £11.99

Poppy bunch dried, small heads

Product no.: 99763

from £6.99 *

Delphinium larkspur bunch dried pink UK

Product no.: 471

£12.99 *
In stock

Delphinium bunch dried white UK

Product no.: 752

£12.99 *
In stock

Dried bunch Acroclinium pink daisies

Product no.: 99919

from £8.99 *

Dried grass three pack UK

Product no.: 99978

£15.97 *
RRP £18.97
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1 - 12 of 47 results