Dried flowers bunches and petals shop

Dried flowers bunches and petals shop

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Dried flowers from DaisyShop - how our range developed

Dried flowers are the core of our business here at Daisy Gifts Ltd. Our huge range of dried flower bunches, botanicals and natural confetti petals started off when we began selling highly fragrant loose dried lavender and home fragrance online in 2003. Initially we had a limited range, and were soon contacted by customers looking for related products.

So our range of dried flowers really took off from there, with lavender buncheslavender bags and more types of loose dried lavender (such as blue dried lavender, organic lavender and culinary dried lavender) added.

Then people started phoning us to say they were using all these lavender items for weddings, and did we have any other dried flowers to use as confetti petals, such as dried rose petals? And did we have any wedding favours or bags or boxes to put them in?

Once we were selling rose bud and petals, our customers started asking for other dry flowers to use as potpourri ingredients and for home crafts. So we now stock a wide range including dried chamomile, dried hops, marigold petals, bay leaves, cornflower petals, dried delphinium petals, hydrangea petals, and seasonal  Christmas craft items such as cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, whole oranges, whole cloves, and star anise.

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Image shows a small selection of our dried flowers including a lavender dried flower bunch - dried lavender is still one of our best sellers.

Most recently - Dried flower bunches

In the first five years or so, there was no interest from the public in bunches and bouquets, other than lavender. But these days, dried flower bunches are becoming very popular, especially for weddings, and our range has blossomed.
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