Rose and wedding

Rose and wedding

Dried Flowers for weddings: dried flower bunches, natural confetti petals and dried rose bud decorations

Buy dried roses and wedding confetti

Natural dried flowers form the basis of our selection. Because roses and weddings are so interconnected, we have combined them into a single Rose and wedding category. For example, what is more natural than dried rose petal confetti? But our range includes many other dried flower petals - follow the links below to find out about our most popular ranges:

  1. Buy dried rose petals for use as wedding confetti.
  2. Dried rose buds are really popular for wedding table decorations.
  3. See our pretty range of hand-mixed petal confetti and our most popular cornflower mix.
  4. Delphinium petal confetti floats in the air - great for photos!
  5. Some of our natural confetti petals, such as dried lavender confetti, are really inexpensive, so great for big events, and naturally fragrant too.
  6. Pressed flowers - the image above shows pressed roses - these make lovely additions to wedding invitations, thank you notes and can be added to confetti petals.

Dried flower bunches and dried rose bunches

dried roses dried flower bunch wedding decoration

Dried flower bunches are so useful for wedding decorations as they can be sourced well in advance and stored if necessary. Why not buy a few bunches and mix-and-match around the venue for an informal look. For country style weddings, try mixing with some dried grasses in a mixture of jugs and vases. Dried flowers can make a beautiful bridal bouquet, and can be kept as a memory of your special event. The photo above shows a rose dried flower bunch in bright red, but dark red, pink and ivory are also available seasonally. For some years, our director Ruth has been involved in dried wedding flowers, and recommends a combination of dried wheat, lavender and pink delphinium stems for a simple informal look that can be achieved at home.

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