Natural wedding confetti petals

Natural wedding confetti petals

Natural wedding confetti petals

Buy natural confetti petal mixes for weddings

Hand mixed petal confetti made from all sorts of pretty dried flower petals - see our new pretty petal confetti mixes category.

Or choose from our most popular natural confetti petal mixes:





cornflower mix confetti petalsCornflower mix confetti petals are hand-mixed to order in our workshop.

Cornflower mix - this dried flower petal confetti is a combination of dried rose petals, lavender grains and cornflower petals.





natural delphinium petal confetti

Mixed UK-grown delphinium petal confetti in pretty shades of pink, blue and ivory.

British dried flower confetti - delphinium petals in mixed colours make a sophisticated and natural wedding confetti.




natural wedding confetti - lavender rose petal confetti


Or a simple mix of pale blue fragrant dried lavender and dark red rose petal confetti pretty, fragrant, and great for large weddings.





Other confetti petal mixes include:
Dried lavender confetti with tiny ivory rosebuds
Cornflower mix orange edition
British delphinium petal confetti mixed with hydrangea petals
and many more

Mixed confetti petals are part of a larger department of natural wedding confetti which includes single colours of dried rose petals, natural delphinium petal confetti, hydrangea petals, and dried bouganvilea petals to name just a few.

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