Dried lavender products at daisyshop

Dried lavender products at daisyshop

Shop for dried lavender products

There are many dried lavender products for sale in our shop including French fragrant lavender sourced from a co-operative of growers in Provence, and British lavender. Our British lavender is sourced from three or four small growers across the country.

Visit our new dried lavender products category or follow the links below to our most popular items:

  1. Loose dried lavender fragrant - our biggest seller - great for lavender bag making - this dried lavender has a great fragrance and a great price!
  2. French lavender bunch - nice straight stems and gently fragrant with pale blue flowers.
  3. Mini organza lavender bags - wedding favours in a choice of many colours - popular with hotels as a laundry favour too - fresh but relaxing scent.
  4. Lavender essential oil - relax with this pure high quality French Lavandula angustifolia oil or use to boost your potpourri.
  5. Culinary lavender - make lavender shortcake, relaxing lavender tea and more.

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Buy dried lavender products - British grown

British lavender is available too!buy British dried lavender products
Buy mid-blue English lavender bunches or deep indigo blue British lavender bunches - both types of dried lavender bunches are varieties of Lavandula angustifolia.
Buy loose dried lavender grown in the UK.

Lavender home fragrance

Another range of lavender products predominantly made in Britain is Hassett Green home fragrance - our most popular home fragrance line with a lavender base is their Lilac and Lavender range, available in room spray, home fragrance oil, candles and scented wooden balls.

Or buy our own lavender potpourri made in our workshop from fragrant dry lavender flowers enhanced with lavender essential oil, or our chunky lavender potpourri.

Lavender wedding confetti

buy dry lavender wedding confetti

Dry lavender grains make great wedding confetti. It has a lovely relaxing fragrance, soothing nerves on an emotionally charged day. Dried lavender wedding confetti throws like rice, and mixes well with other small confetti petals such as rose petals and heather. Dry lavender wedding confetti is 100% natural and biodegradable and so is very popular, even with fussy venues.

The lavender we choose for this confetti is a lovely pale blue in colour and a subtle fragrance.
Buy dried lavender wedding confetti




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