Buy dried lavender loose

Buy dried lavender loose

Ways to buy dried lavender loose

Follow these links in order of popularity, or go straight to our loose lavender category. We have many pack sizes, with a kilo being the most popular (the size of a football). A handful is about ten grammes.

  1. Buy fragrant lavender buds - our most fragrant and least expensive grains come from France.
    The picture below shows the Provence fields where our lavender is grown. We work with a co-operative of growers who produce some of the best grains we've seen. The clean fragrance means we have a great reputation - just check out our product reviews!
  2. Buy organic grains - the same as above but with organic certification.
  3. Buy British - a good fragrance but slightly more expensive.
  4. Buy blue dry lavender buds - this is a lovely mid blue, making it perfect for wedding confetti and visual crafts.

Provence lavender field growing fragrant dried lavender buds

Buy fragrant dried lavender mixes

Buy lavender mixes for sleep

This fragrant bloom is often used to aid sleep and relaxation.
Hops are often used for the same purpose, so we have combined our fragrant grains with hop pieces ready for making bags.
Buy dry lavender & hops relaxing mix

Not everyone finds the scent of hops appealing, so owe have also created our own
Lavender and chamomile soothing mix
Chamomile has an apple-like fragrance. 


Buy dried lavender mixes for wedding confetti

Dry lavender buds make great wedding confetti as they have a lovely fragrance and throw like rice. They mix well with other small confetti petals such as rose petals.
Here are our three most popular hand-blended wedding confetti mixes:

  1. Cornflower mix - mixed by hand in our own workshop, this is a pretty mix with burgundy & pink dried rose petals, and royal blue cornflower petals - invented by us and often copied.
  2. Lavender and rose bud mix - our mix with tiny ivory rosebuds.
  3. Lavender and rose petal mix - mixed with inexpensive burgundy rose petals - handy for bigger weddings.

fragrant dried lavender flowers france

The above image is what one of our flower stems looks like while still in a field in Provence.
Dry bunches and stems are also available, as well as bags and sachets.


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