Dried roses: rose products, flowers, buds and petals

Dried roses: rose products, flowers, buds and petals

Buy dried roses

Buy dried rose petals wedding confetti - rose bud offers - dry rose flowers and bunches - rose home fragrance and potpourri. Buy these dried flower petals for natural biodegradable confetti.

Dried roses are beautiful as wedding decorations, as confetti petals, and in potpourri making and home fragrance. Selling both rose essential oil and UK home fragrance oil.

buy dried rose buds wedding confetti

Dried rose buds   |   Dry rose petals   |   Dried rose bunches and flowers   |   Rose home fragrance


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New Red rose box with lid large empty

Product no.: 000621

£2.99 *
In stock

Burgundy rose petals

Product no.: 300121

from £0.99 *

Roses dried flower bunch - Antique red bouquet

Product no.: 000023

£11.99 *
In stock

Burgundy red rose petals seconds dry

Product no.: 99941

from £1.99 *

Pink rose buds dry

Product no.: 300157

from £4.99 *

Peach rose buds tiny dry

Product no.: 475

from £5.99 *

Bright red rose buds

Product no.: 478

from £5.99 *

Ivory rose buds tiny

Product no.: 480

from £4.99 *

Ivory rose buds dry 2cm

Product no.: 822

from £5.99 *

New Red edge rose buds dried

Product no.: 99934

from £5.99 *

Pale pink rose buds SECONDS

Product no.: 99996

from £2.99 *
RRP £4.99
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1 - 12 of 22 results